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Weekly Twitter Chat Information

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“Value Giants:

How To Provide Value To Your Audience and Clients”

 #WinnieSun Twitter Chat

Wednesday,  July 17th, at 11:00am PDT | 2:00pm EST


You will be joining Winnie Sun (@winniesun) for a fast-paced Twitter chat. 


Go directly to the chat by going to Tweetchat. (http://winniechat.com) Or use your favorite Twitter app and follow the hashtag #WinnieSun

Moderator: @winniesun Winnie Sun – financial advisor HOST

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During the Chat

  • We will begin at a couple minutes after 11am PT
  • For the twitterchat, the format will start with “Q1”. When answering, you’ll want to start your reply with “A1”. If your answer requires more than 1 tweet, make it A1, A1b, A1c, etc. Financial Expert Winnie Sun will be asking the questions.
  • Remember to include the hashtag #WinnieSun in your response. (If you use the tweetchat site, it pre-populates this for you.)



Q1.   Who are you, where are you tweeting us from, and what was the last thing that made you feel appreciated? #WinnieSun




Q2. “Providing value” is being thrown around a lot these days. What is your personal definition of providing value? What brands / companies example providing value the most in your opinion? Be sure to tag them so they know it! 😉 #WinnieSun




Q3. Few of us are born knowing what true value is. We have to learn it, right? Where do you gather inspiration on how to create, achieve, and produce value? #WinnieSun




Q4. How do you determine the biggest challenges experienced by audience or clientele and how do you offer solutions in your field? #WinnieSun




Q5. What’s the difference between providing value and giving everything away for free? Where do you draw the line? #WinnieSun




Q6. How do you decide what content to create? Do you share what you know and let your audience find you, do you research and share what’s in demand, or some form of both? Please share.  #WinnieSun




Q7. Hearing your tribe! How do you know what your audience considers “valuable”? Do you study your analytics? Request feedback via polls, surveys, or questionnaires, etc.? #WinnieSun




Q8.  How do you know if your content is resonating? If your content doesn’t seem to be hitting home, what questions do you ask yourself or your community so you can tweak your plan and hit it out of the park? Does this work for businesses of all sizes? #WinnieSun




Q9.  What are the best ways to provide value in the “real world” outside of social media? #WinnieSun




Q10.  Getting noticed is half the battle. How do you stand out on social media to gain attention? Once you’ve gotten their attention what content works best to ensure they stick around? #WinnieSun




Q11.  Give before you ask. When you’ve provided consistent value to your followers how do you propose your “ask” and what do you ask from your audience? Likes, shares, making purchases, submitting reviews? #WinnieSun




Q12. Teamwork is dreamwork! What are the best things to keep in mind to be sure you’re providing value when collaborating with another person, business, or brand? #WinnieSun




Q13. People like to do business with people over companies. What is the most effective way to humanize your brand / company? What effects would a simple share like providing a glimpse “behind the scenes” have on your followers? Any other smart strategies? #WinnieSun



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