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Weekly Tweet Chat Information

The weekly updated topic information and questions.

“Build A Booming Home Business”
#WinnieSun Twitter Chat
Wednesday, October 23rd, at 11:00am PDT | 2:00pm EST 

You will be joining Winnie Sun (@winniesun) for a fast-paced Twitter chat. 

Go directly to the chat by going to Tweetchat. (http://winniechat.com) Or use your favorite Twitter app and follow the hashtag #WinnieSun

Moderator: @winniesun Winnie Sun – financial advisor HOST

 2 Days leading up to the show

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  • We’re talking about Building A Booming Home Business! Join me + expert panel tomorrow tweetchat 11a PT!  #WinnieSun – Click to tweet this: https://ctt.ac/cmo1T​

Day of Chat

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During the Chat

  • We will begin at a couple minutes after 11am PT
  • For the twitterchat, the format will start with “Q1”. When answering, you’ll want to start your reply with “A1”. If your answer requires more than 1 tweet, make it A1, A1b, A1c, etc. Financial Expert Winnie Sun will be asking the questions.
  • Remember to include the hashtag #WinnieSun in your response. (If you use the tweetchat site, it pre-populates this for you.)


Q1. Welcome! Happy Wednesday friends! Tell us who you are, where you’re from, and the last snack you enjoyed! #WinnieSun

Q2. Let’s get a sense of how many of you have a business that you’ve built or shifted to working from home? What type of business is it? Feel free to share your website if you have one. #WinnieSun

Q3. It’s time to get started, at home! How do you decide what your home business should be? How much planning did you do for your work-at-home business? Did the business find you or did you start from scratch? #WinnieSun

Q4. When in the research stage, do you take into account the saturation of the market? How many at-home business ideas did you try your hand at before finding your niche? #WinnieSun

Q5. Standing out! How can you bring more value than your competitors? Do you think having competition works for you as it means there’s high demand, or against you? Why or why not? #WinnieSun

Q6. Is working from home for everyone? What skills / talents and even mindset stands out to you as business necessities? How do you utilize these abilities to use to find new clients and to solve a problem for your potential clients? #WinnieSun

Q7. How important is a business plan? Do you have one? Many think that a formal business plan is only necessary when seeking a loan for your business. Do you find this to be true or are there benefits to having a written business plan even if you aren’t going to the banks for funding? #WinnieSun

Q8. Often times, new at-home businesses take time before profits are generated. How do you best assess your profit-making potential in the beginning stages? Were you able to go at this full time, or did it begin as a side hustle that grew into a full time profitable at home business? #WinnieSun

Q9. Do you think time management can be tricky when you’re your own boss? What are the best methods for setting your intentions, achieving your goals, and staying on task? What are the best tips to stay organized when handling all of your business’ details when you’re a solopreneur? #WinnieSun

Q10. Working from home: do you consider yourself a solopreneur or do you have a team? Which one do you prefer? Where do you go to bounce ideas off of, where do you turn for help when you run into an obstacle? What virtual mentors have been an asset in making it work? #WinnieSun

Q11. Money matters. How do you know how much money you should have saved up for your business? Does this amount change if your business is still in side-hustle status? When money is tight, how do you keep your business running lean? #WinnieSun

Q12. What tools / tech are absolutely necessary for your home business? Have these tools evolved or remained consistent over time? #WinnieSun

Q13. Keeping up with your bookkeeping. What organizational strategies / tools do you put to use to keep on top of your financials when you were doing this yourself? Do you still do this yourself or have you found it beneficial to hire a bookkeeper/accounting firm? How do you know which was right for you? #WinnieSun

Q14. The lines can get blurry when your workspace and your living spaces are the same. What tips do you have for differentiating workspace vs relaxing space for someone who plans to work at home? What are the most important things to keep in mind when you’re setting up a workspace? #WinnieSun

Q15. How do you market your business? What lessons have been the most valuable to you along the path of building your business? How have your marketing strategies changed over time? How do you think they’ll continue to evolve? #WinnieSun

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