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We have covered so many topics in the weekly twitter chats, these are our most popular topics.


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Weekly Twitter Chat Information

The weekly updated topic information and questions.

“Full Speed Ahead: The Driving Force To Reach Your Goals”

#WinnieSun Twitter Chat

Wednesday,  March 20th, at 11:00am PDT | 2:00pm EST

You will be joining Winnie Sun (@winniesun) for a fast-paced Twitter chat.

Go directly to the chat by going to Tweetchat. (http://winniechat.com) Or use your favorite Twitter app and follow the hashtag #WinnieSun.

Moderator: @winniesun Winnie Sun – financial advisor HOST

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During the Chat

  • We will begin at a couple minutes after 11am PT
  • For the twitterchat, the format will start with “Q1”. When answering, you’ll want to start your reply with “A1”. If your answer requires more than 1 tweet, make it A1, A1b, A1c, etc. Financial Expert Winnie Sun will be asking the questions.

Remember to include the hashtag #WinnieSun in your response. (If you use the tweetchat site, it pre-populates this for you.)



Q1.    You are the heart behind the #WinnieSun tweetchat community. Who are you, what do you do, and what have you accomplished recently that you are really proud of?




Q2. Distance creates opportunities for travel and visiting. When you think of business travel, where do you hope your next venture takes you? Is there a client you’d love to work with or a conference you’d like to participate at? #WinnieSun




Q3. The difference between a wish and a goal often lies in planning. How would you rank your planning abilities these days? Are you one at needs to make very specific goals with detailed timelines help you achieve them? #WinnieSun




Q4. Wanderlusting for business? For many of us, our business takes us on travel and when we’re not working, we planning personal travel. What are 3 core elements must every trip have in order to be labeled “successful”? #WinnieSun




Q5. Time is money my friends! What are your best time management ninja tips to help reach your goals & avoid procrastination? #WinnieSun




Q6. They say birds of a feather flock together. In our case, this sounds pretty true. What conferences are you attending this year? What do you hope to learn and who do you hope to meet? What conference of the past has benefitted your business? Tag the conference if you can’t wait to go back again!  #WinnieSun




Q7. If Hollywood was to make a movie about your life story (and success so far) what would the movie be called and who would you like to see portray you? Tag them! Comedy, drama, documentary or a little of all of the above? #WinnieSun




Q8. The road to entrepreneurship can be long. How long did it take for you to feel like you knew what you were doing? How many jobs or companies have been at and which was most important pivot or lesson to get you to where you are today? What advice do you have to get back on track when you hit an obstacle?  #WinnieSun




Q9.  If I could only have know this growing up… How would you describe your professional growth? How much growth do you expect to see in the future? What would help you right now? #WinnieSun




Q10. Take a victory lap! Celebrating your success is a big part of our journey together. What can we help you celebrate and how do you reward yourself when you accomplish goals? #WinnieSun




Q11.  A need for speed! When you’re busy going from meeting to call to meeting to call, you just wish there was a technology to help you…. (fill in the blank). #WinnieSun




Q12. Ohh no, there’s a fork in the road! When faced with a difficult decision regarding your business how do you decide which roads are options and ultimately which road you should take to bring you to your destination? #WinnieSun




Q13. What are your favorite snacks or travel accessories to bring with you when you’re travelling and why are they your favorite? Tag them so they feel the love! #WinnieSun




Q14. The road to success is paved with conscious decisions. What habits do you practice daily to set yourself up for success? What are your favorite shows, books, podcasts / media to advise you on your journey? #WinnieSun




Q15. Technology brought us together! Let’s wishlist why don’t we? What apps or tools do you find most helpful in business and what else would make your work even easier?





Extra Credit Q: Extra Credit: Tag your fave rental car company. Hint hint I think it starts with a H. 😉😉  #WinnieSun

Extra Credit A:

Do you have an idea or want to be a featured guest panelist?