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Plant Professional Seeds & Watch Your Career Grow! Business Tips To Flourish In 2021   

 #WinnieSun Twitter Chat

Wednesday, February 24th, at 11:00am PDT | 2:00pm EST


You will be joining Winnie Sun (@winniesun) for a fast-paced Twitter chat. 

Join the #WinnieSun tweetchat using your favorite Twitter app and follow the hashtag #WinnieSun. (We love TweetDeck!) 

Moderator: @winniesun Winnie Sun – financial advisor HOST


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  • We will begin at a couple minutes after 11am PT
  • For the twitterchat, the format will start with “Q1”. When answering, you’ll want to start your reply with “A1”. If your answer requires more than 1 tweet, make it A1, A1b, A1c, etc. Financial Expert Winnie Sun will be asking the questions.

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Q1. Welcome back friends! Let’s jump in by sharing who you are, where you’re tweeting us from today, and tell us what you do?   #WinnieSun




Q2. What is the most valuable business tip that you’ve learned / practiced over the last year? How has this advice helped your business continue to make it? Have you seen growth or is staying a float the goal? #WinnieSun




Q3.  Do you have a side gig? Or maybe a side-gig to your side-gig? So many people have found their income impacted, so what are the most smart, easy, efficient ways to supplement income in 2021? What have you done to drum up extra cash flow when you need it? #WinnieSun




Q4. It’s common for entrepreneurs / SBOs to be driven by growth and for success to be tied to their self-worth. What are some smart ways to deal with stagnant wages / revenue as 2021 continues to be a struggle?  What are the best tips for taking care of your mental health? #WinnieSun




Q5. Changes in business environments come with evolution in business benefits. What changes would you like to see in the world of employment benefits? If you could implement a business perk for you and your team, what would it be? What are some creative non-monetary ways to show appreciation to your team?  #WinnieSun




Q6.  Look forward and work toward the future! They say the year of the Ox is the year of hard work paying off. What are the best tips to leveling up your career? What can you do to work smarter? How can you highlight your hard work to be considered for future promotions / professional growth opportunities? #WinnieSun




Q7. What impact can establishing a relationship with a mentor have on your goals? How important is having an engaged mentor for the success of an entrepreneur, especially in tougher times? How do you find a mentor virtually?  What is the best professional advice that you’ve received from a mentor? #WinnieSun




Q8.  What are the most important things to consider when starting a new job search? What are some creative tips for applying for jobs? What career fields / trending opportunities do you think it would be smart  to pay attention to in 2021? #WinnieSun




Q9. Change can be challenging, especially for many who find themselves just entering the job market, facing being laid off / finding themselves unemployed. What tips / advice would you suggest to those in these positions? What resources are available and most helpful? What are the benefits of working with a headhunter / career growth coach? How does this relationship work?  #WinnieSun




Q10.   When was the last time you updated your resume? 🤔 What smart resume tips do you suggest to get your resume on the top of the stack? What makes a resume Application Tracking System filter friendly? What qualities, that don’t include your degree / education, should always be emphasised on your resume to impress the person reading it? #WinnieSun




Q11.  Job interviews can be intimidating. What are the best things to do to prepare for an interview for a new prospective position? What techniques for a successful interview have served you well?  What are the best tips to keep in mind for a virtual interview? What can you do differently after the interview to stand out /say thank you that is covid friendly? #WinnieSun




Q12. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. What are some must-do items with your social media to check off your list when you’re applying for new positions / prospecting new clients? How are you projecting “the right image” of yourself online? #WinnieSun




Q13. Make it a win-win! If an offer contract comes your way, but the pay isn’t what you were hoping for, what other benefits can you put on the table to negotiate / find a compromise? What can you suggest to make it a win for both parties? #WinnieSun




Q14. Is 2021 a bad time to have an interest in exploring new opportunities for those looking to venture into a new industry? What are the pros and cons of pivoting professionally during a pandemic? #WinnieSun



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